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Bamboo fences to carry human-elephant harmony to Khao Yai

Thorny bamboo — an area species in Khao Yai Nationwide Park — also serves since the pure product for producing a harmless and simple to maintain fence that continue to keep jumbos from raiding into Local community.

Thorny bamboo — a neighborhood species in Khao Yai Nationwide Park — also serves because the pure material for earning a harmless and easy to take care of fence that preserve jumbos from raiding into Local community.

Wild elephant populations across Thailand are increasing, because of productive conservation initiatives. But although this is an effective sign to those people who are fond of the gentle giants, others, Specially those living in villages within the outskirts of shielded forest regions, are concerned about the increase in neighborhood jumbos.

Based on the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Division (DNP), you will discover about three,500 to 4,000 wild elephants roaming the forests of Thailand, and that quantity is predicted to continue to climb.

Since the population of pachyderms turns into more substantial and food and water resources turn out to be more constrained, a lot of elephants haven't any selection but to generate their way into bordering villages and croplands searching for foodstuff.

Due to this fact, human-elephant conflicts are becoming far more Regular. Elephants have already been injured and killed by electric powered fences and automobiles, whilst a lot of villagers are attacked, dying gruesome deaths even though their farm goods are taken absent by hungry elephants.

As a result of increasing range of conflicts, the DNP has not too long ago come up with a different strategy for containing the elephants from the forest around Khao Yai Nationwide Park. The challenge will involve rising thorny bamboo fences around the Group.

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Bamboo fences are believed to be harmless to elephants, however effective and straightforward to maintain. Given that the 3rd greatest nationwide park in Thailand with a region of two,168 square kilometres, Khao Yai, that's residence to more than 300 wild elephants, is additionally on the list of places with probably the most human-elephant conflicts.

Across the past ten years, 17 villages are actually damaged by marauding elephants, whilst 13 elephants are already killed.

"Elephants are clever beings. They have got realized more than a period of time how to beat the obstacles We've put up for them," mentioned Chongklai Worapongsathorn, deputy director-basic from the DNP.

The project, which started off last year, can be a collaboration amongst the DNP and a bunch of environmental activists and local men and women calling by themselves the "Bamboo Heroes".

Together they want to plant thorny bamboo along the 400-km highway that cuts by and circles Khao Yai Countrywide Park, aiming to use it as a troublesome, living fence versus raiding wild elephants.

"This may be a lifestyle-saver for each humans and elephants. With This method, we've been thinking about a long-phrase Resolution because bamboo fences do not require regular upkeep and are sturdier than their electrical counterparts. What may be much better than a fence that grows on its own?" Mr Chongklai reported.

Bamboo Hero leader Amara Dhammapat said developing bamboo fences is really a purely natural approach that's been adopted by several nations to reduce the range human-elephant conflicts.

"As being a plant native to Khao Yai, this thorny bamboo species grows conveniently and thrives during the location's weather, rendering it a lower upkeep fencing content. You merely have to wait for 5 years until the plants are totally developed and may work as pure fences," Ms Amara claimed.

To this point, Ms Amara claimed, the group has been teaching community individuals and DNP officials regarding how to develop bamboo. Up to now, the group has fenced sixty three km of Khao Yai's roadways, and ideas to plant a lot more than 400,000 thorny bamboo crops In the long term.

Mr Chongklai stated if bamboo fences are tested profitable, exactly the same evaluate will probably be applied in Additional info other forest parts beneath the DNP's supervision.

He mentioned that besides bamboo fencing, other constructive steps can even be used to cope with wild elephants like installing CCTV and cell phone sign reception stations together the road, putting in bee-hive fences and developing additional resources of h2o and food items for the elephants in the deep forest, And so the animals will not likely really need to enterprise even further afield.

To turn human-elephant conflict into human-elephant harmony, persons need to realize the nature of such wild jumbos and figure out how to Are living with them, he reported.

"Individuals are encroaching over the forest, making it more difficult for your elephants, which presently deal with limited food stuff sources. Therefore, it truly is our obligation never to invade their households to begin with," Mr Chongklai stated.

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